Who We Are

NapTech Labs is a UK-based company that designs and develops games, applications for mobile devices as well as digital marketing. We specialized in creating and publishing games for mobile devices. We also offer web development services to create your dream website or application. We work closely with designers to provide innovative real-world solutions using smart technology in the fields of gaming or business automation through interactive digital marketing strategies. Our team has experienced web developers, designers, game developers, software developers, and digital marketing experts.




Hyper casual gaming is our playground. We are the ones who bring a sparkle and light to it! Our passion lies within how to take game technology beyond its current limitations. And we want you to be part of a new frontier in this exciting development. This is our state of mind, and therefore we're committed to creating online content for multiple platforms as well as focusing on creating hyper casual games with originality and fun at our core for players around the globe.




Our clear vision is followed by a brand that stands up to its promises and whose goal it is to provide the best games available, providing the greatest entertainment value throughout each and every one of them. This approach seeks to achieve quality and a sense of fairness while maintaining the company's highest level of talent. Our dynamic services empower players and communities in ways previously unimaginable as they challenge the norm and strive for excellence through creativity.


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47 Shayer Road, Southampton, England, SO15 5JZ, United Kingdom